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Livelong Theme Song (original mix) - PSP47

May 11, 2021 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 3 Episode 10
Planet Storytime Podcast
Livelong Theme Song (original mix) - PSP47
Show Notes

Welcome back to Planet Storytime!

We're busy in production for several new stories for upcoming podcasts, including a brand new story from Mitchell Von Gemmigen, who provided us the wonderful, Wilhelmina's Wonderous Wardrobe for PSP46!    Mitchell's new story will be out in the next week for PSP48.   

But for this episode of the podcast, as we try to do at least a couple of times each season, we are proud to present the awesome theme song from our upcoming, much-anticipated new serial podcast series, The Livelong Journeys!   We've had so much fun working on The Beatru Chronicles - Act I  (all 6 chapters of which are available in PSP44!) and want to continue down that path with this amazing new epic from the mind of TM Ganim!    The first Livelong podcast will be out in a few weeks, so to give you some sense of the atmosphere and overall vibe, we thought the theme song would be a nice teaser for what's to come!

The "Livelong Theme Song" was written by TMG & the MBGG and produced by Paxton Stanley, with vocals by Thomas Mitchell, and performances by both Thomas and Pax.   This is a wonderful, groovy, upbeat kids pop song that we think everyone will really enjoy, and maybe by listening to the lyrics, you'll get some idea of the setting for our new story, and a bit more about our main character:)

Enjoy the new song and we will be back inside a week with the next Mitchell Von Gemmigen story (and look for Livelong towards the end of May!) - thanks!

PSP Production Team
B Unit - 3rd division

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